The Soviet era left behind many features: streets, monuments, language, symbols and a conformist man. The artist is immersed in the context of this reality. While working with documentary photos and videos of historical and news nature, a figurative painting about the pseudo-ideals of the communist past is created.

The exhibition features works from the series "The Lost", "Face in Shadow", "Pandemic". The series "The Lost" uses portraits of missing people as material. In Face in Shadow, Anro examines political images through the prism of mythology and visualizes them through figurative painting. The series of graphic works "Pandemic" is based on the pages of the magazine "New World" of the late 80's, it studies the theme of the utopia of the Soviet era and nostalgia for utopia in post-Soviet society.

In The Big Shasow

CECH (Belarus, Minsk,
October Street, 16)

08/11 - 08/29/2015

Curator: Andrei Liankevich
In The Big Shadow